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Pokemon Go 101: Understanding the Basics

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days and while thousands of people are playing it and running around catching Pikachus and finding PokeStops, there are thousands who are clueless about this game and have no idea what it’s all about.
Pokemon Go is not like any other video game that has ever been released. It uses augmented reality and you’ll need to be very active in order to do well in the game. Most video games require you to sit in some fixed spot and play the same scenarios over and over till your skills get good enough for you to make it to the next level.
With Pokemon Go, you will not be sitting in any one spot for long. You’ll need to walk around and follow your map as you look for Pikachus to capture, wild creatures to battle or Gyms to dominate.
Like most computer games, Pokemon Go is repetitive too but you don’t feel it because of the fantasy this game creates. You are actually a part of the game and in a way, it plays you just as much as you play it.
Your surroundings are all potential places where you could find these adorable creatures. Everything seems more exciting. We live in a world where most people constantly have their noses buried in their smartphones.
Pokemon Go is a free app that is installed on these phones and just about anyone can play it. You don’t need to buy any bulky game consoles or software to enjoy this game.
While Pokemon Go is so popular, it is a basic game and in no way matches the complexity and depth in games such as Assassin’s Creed or Fallout 4. However, it’s this basic nature that makes it so popular and appealing to so many people.
Pokemon Go is all about surprise, adventure, fantasy and accomplishment. You feel like a modern day Indiana Jones as you go about exploring for Pikachus and throwing PokeBalls.
Here are a few very common Pokemon Go terms you should know.

* Combat Power (CP)
This refers to the strength of a Pokemon when it’s in battle with another Pokemon and you should use this to gauge a Pokemon’s attack strength.

* Eggs

Like the name suggests, these eggs will hatch into Pokemon. You can find these eggs at poke stops. You’ll need to walk or cover a certain distance before the egg incubates and hatches.

* Defender Bonus
This is your reward when you defend a gym successfully against attacks. The rewards can be converted into Stardust and PokeCoins which you can claim at the virtual shop within the game.

* Battle
This is what happens when your Pokemon fights with a wild creature in the game. It’s also used to challenge rivals or even fight Pokemon that are friendly. Battles can only take place at gyms.
In the event you approach a rival gym, you have the opportunity to battle with the team running the gym and you can claim it for yourself if you win.
During battle, each time you defeat a Pokemon, the Gym’s Prestige level drops. Once it reaches zero, you’ve won and the Gym is yours.

* Gyms
These are specific places for you to go and fight with rival Pokemon teams. You can even train your Pokemon by battling at gyms where your team members have assigned their own Pokemons.
Friendly Gyms are ones that belong to your team. Rival Gyms are gyms owned by other teams and Open Gyms have not been claimed by anybody yet.

* Wild Pokémon
These are Pokemon running loose that have not been captured.

* Candy
These are used to make your Pokemon stronger and help you evolve through the game. You’ll get these candies when you transfer your Pokemon to Professor Willow whom you met at the beginning of the game.

* Lucky Egg

These eggs will double the XP that you accrue for 30 minutes for all the actions you undertake. You can either get Lucky Eggs when you reach a new level or you can buy your Lucky Eggs at the shop

* Evolution
This refers to your Pokemon’s levels increasing as it becomes stronger and a highly evolved, advanced species.

* Experience Points (XP)

As you progress through the game, the Poke-venture will track your progress and you’ll advance further in the game. If you increase your XP, you can reach Trainer levels that are much more beneficial.

* Hit Points (HP)
This is a measure of your Pokemon’s health. When it reaches zero, the Pokemon faints.

* Fainted Pokémon
This happens when your Pokemon has no more Hit Points, also known as HP. You can fix this problem by using Revive or Max Revive to wake up your poor fainted Pokemon and get it back in action.

* Incubator
This is where you place your egg so that it hatches while you walk. Once you upgrade you incubators, you’ll need to cover less distance to hatch the eggs.

* Incense
You use incense to lure the wild Pokemon to where you are. You get 2 incense at the start of the game and you need to buy them after that for 80 PokeCoins.

* Lure Module
This is a stronger method of luring the Pokemon. When you use a Lure Module, all players in the vicinity will be able to see it and grab the opportunity to capture wild Pokemon even they’re not the one who set it up.

* Medals
You be awarded medals as you progress though the game and meet certain objectives. Examples of awards are Breeder, Kanto, Battle Girl, Backpacker, Ace Trainer, etc.

* PokeBalls
You use these to capture the wild Pokemon that’s running around. You can either get these at the PokeStops or you can buy them from the shop. There are different types of PokeBalls which have better performance and increase your chances of catching the wild Pokemon.
You want to look out for Ultra Balls, Great Balls and Master Balls.

* PokéCoins

This is the currency in the Pokemon Go game and you can exchange the PokeCoins for useful items that you find in the shop. You can also buy Poke Coins from the shop.

* Pokedex
This is where you will be given instructions and information about the Pokemon Go game and the types of Pokemon you’ve captured.

* PokeStop
These are specific locations that contain items such as potions, eggs, PokeBalls, etc. All you’ll need to do is find the PokeStop, touch it and spin the photo disc to collect your items. Do note that the PokeStop will change shape as you get nearer to it.

* Potions
These are very effective for healing Pokemons with low HP. Use them and you can restore your Pokemon’s Hit Points so that they can engage in battle again.

* Power-Up
This is a term used to describe increasing your Pokemon’s HP and CP.

* Prestige
This is a measurement of a Gym’s standing in terms of how well it was able to defend itself against rivals.

* Razz Berry
You use these to feed wild Pokemon so that you can capture them more easily. You can’t buy these Razz Berries and can only get them at PokeStops.

* Stardust
This is used to increase your Pokemon’s power and you get it by incubating and hatching eggs.

* Training
This is when your Pokemon battles with fellow members’ Pokemon and your experience points and the Gym’s Prestige goes up.

* Trainer
These are people just like you who play the Pokemon Go game and enjoy all the adventure and battle that come with it.
Now that you know most of the terms used in this game, you’ll be better equipped to play it well and succeed.

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Is Pokemon Go the Answer to Fighting Childhood Obesity?

The current Pokemon craze that has taken the US by storm has got more people moving about than any fitness program on the market. There are reports of people having sore leg muscles and being exhausted from being on the move the whole day.
Pokemon Go has made more people give up their sedentary lifestyles than any fitness program on the market… and here’s the kicker. They’re adults!
Even adults love this game. You can’t begin to imagine how kids are going crazy trying to catch a Pikachu at every corner or becoming a Gym champion. This game has got children out of the house and has them running around outdoors.
This was how kids were meant to play. With the advent of technology, most kids sit around at home playing video games or constantly posting stuff on social media. Pokemon Go is one video game that has everybody on their feet running from point to point.
While most parents frown when their kids are hooked on their video games for extended periods, this is one time where it would be good to close one eye and let your child run and play to his or her heart’s content.
Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US and many parts of the world. The only way to combat obesity in children is to get them to be active and the gym period in school just does not cut it.
Once your child’s homework for the day is done and they’ve completed the chores that you’ve set for them, do let them go wild with Pokemon Go. The craze is sweeping the world now and you do not know how long it will last.
You might as well let your kids get all the exercise they can now. This is especially true if your children are overweight or having a tough time shedding the pounds. You’ll be amazed at how willing they are to walk long distances just to find poke balls and potions.
Another feature in the game is Pokemon eggs that require you to travel a certain distance. Some eggs have a 2km minimum, some 5km and the rare eggs have an 8km distance required for you to incubate the egg.
It will be a good idea to travel these distances by foot instead of using a car. This will help both you and your kids burn more calories and like they say, 10 thousand steps a day is the key to staying fit.
The reason that children don’t mind being active to capture Pikachus is because the Pokemon Go is very fun. The augmented reality of this game is very appealing to kids who already have an active imagination. This definitely beats having to do rope climbs or run rounds at a track.
Children will willingly do what they enjoy doing and Pokemon Go will get them to be active without them even realizing it. Do ensure that your child or children carries a water bottle around so that they stay hydrated.
Another important point is to tell your children to be careful on roads and not to approach vans or strangers just because there is a Lapras or Pikachu somewhere around there.
It would be a good idea for you to join your children in the game so that you too get some exercise and you’ll also be able to keep them safe. Do make sure that your children are well aware of the potential threats and dangers out in the real world. It’s so easy to get so immersed in the game that you forget where you are.
If you can do that, your children will definitely become active, burn calories, boost their stamina and shed the excess pounds while they enjoy Pokemon Go.

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Discover How Pokemon Go Helps Ward Off Depression and Anxiety

Pokemon Go is more popular than ever and thousands of people are playing it daily. While many people dismiss it as just a game, there are many others who’re saying that Pokemon Go is the best thing that has happened to them.
After they’ve started playing the game, they feel more energetic and they’re less prone to negative feelings. People all over the world suffer from depression, feelings of misery, unhappiness, anxiety and other negative thoughts.
Once they started walking about looking for Pokemon and doing battles at Gyms, their moods picked up and they felt much happier. There are many reasons for this. In this article, we’ll look at how Pokemon Go is more than just a game and how it can affect other areas of your life too.

* Increased activity
Pokemon Go has made people more active than ever before. In the past, going for a 20 minute walk was a Herculean task… but now, they’ll willingly walk anywhere from 2km to 8km just to hatch a few Pokemon eggs and get some Stardust.
There is no denying that when your body gets sufficient exercise, you feel better. Endorphins are released and you feel happier. Feelings of depression or unhappiness will diminish or even disappear because your body is active.

* Mental shift
Pokemon Go is fun. There’s no denying it. It is adventurous, exciting and it makes our world seem like a fantasy while you’re playing it. PokeStops and Pikachus could appear anywhere and you’ll feel like an adventurer looking for them.
Since your mind is so focused on searching and achieving certain goals, you have no time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop and Pokemon Go leaves you very little time to be idle. There will be a mental shift within you that makes you feel better.

* Meet new people
Many people who’re suffering from depression isolate themselves away from the world and wallow in their own misery. This is a very heavy burden to bear. Pokemon Go will force you to leave your house because you need to find Gyms to do battle in.
You’ll meet other people and become members of their team. This will lead to more interaction and you may form friendships that make you feel better. Pokemon Go has made many introverts gain social skills.

* You become competitive
This is a very good mindset to have because people who’re sad or unhappy have usually given up on life and just exist instead of living. Pokemon Go makes you competitive. You’ll want to win and capture more Pokemon.
There is a sense of accomplishment when you win battles or successfully capture a Pikachu. This will do wonders for your self-esteem and since most feelings of unhappiness stems from a sense of inadequacy, this competitive mindset and accomplishments will give you faith in yourself.

* Cheap
This is a highly affordable game. For starters, the app is free and anyone with a smartphone can download it and play it. Even if you wish to buy PokeCoins or other stuff from the shop later, you’ll not need to take a second mortgage on your house to afford it.
A tight budget can force people to eliminate most fun activities because they just can’t afford it. Pokemon Go gives you an outlet to have some fun and lift your sagging spirits.

* Bond with loved ones
It’s normal to be so consumed by work or your own problems that you end up neglecting your loved ones. This leads to more friction and more unhappiness. This is a vicious cycle.
Now with Pokemon Go, you can play it with your partner and kids… and it’s recommended that you do because you can keep an eye on your children as they run around looking for potions and stuff.
This time with your family and loved ones will make you feel happier and you’ll bond with them like you’ve never done before. Pokemon Go gets everybody on the same page and is awesome fun. No video game gets any better than this.

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6 Pokemon Secrets No One Is Telling You About!

You must be living on Mars if you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now. Even if you don’t play the game, you might have been annoyed at people getting in your way with their phones as they look for creatures. It’s that popular and this craze is sweeping across the US.
Unlike normal video games, Pokemon Go requires a lot of physical movement and a certain amount of strategy if you wish to do well. If you go in without a plan, you’re probably going to end up exhausted, 20 pounds lighter and still not be at a level that you want.
While losing excess weight is good, you are in it to win. In this article, you’ll learn several secrets that the good players are using to kick you to the dirt. Adopt them and use these tips well.

1. Playing while moving.
When you’re playing while on the move, it’s crucial that you be fast on the PokeStops. A common problem is that you end up out of range before you have a chance to spin.
When you’re engaged in battle with a Pokemon while you’re moving, you can rest assured that you will always be within range. You will never go out of range so there is no need to panic and hastily do battle with a wild creature if you’re not ready yet.

2. Pokemon have a variety of moves.
Unlike most video games where the characters have fixed capabilities and moves, with Pokemon Go, the Pidgeys have different levels of combat power. They also have different moves. So, keep your mind open to the possibilities and don’t let high CP be the only criteria you deem important.

3. The higher your trainer level, the better.
This is a point many people miss. In order to have a super high CP Pokemon, you absolutely need a high trainer level. Only with this can you boost your chances of finding rare and powerful Pokemon. Do not rely on luck if you want powerful fighters. You MUST level up.
4. PokeStops refresh constantly.
While everyone is running around in a mad rush looking for PokeStops, one secret you should know is that PokeStops refresh once every 5 minutes. So, if you’re in the vicinity of 4 PokeStops, you can just walk one round, hit them all and collect all the special items.

5. Get more candies by transferring your duplicate Pokemon.
If you play the game long enough, you will end up with more Pokemons than you need and you’ll run out of space. You really do not need to keep every single one. Just transfer them to the Professor by clicking on the Transfer button and you’ll remove the duplicate Pokemon and also get a monster candy.

6. Save your battery power
This game seriously drains your phone’s battery power and since your battery power is crucial to keep playing the game, you need to conserve it wisely. You can do that by downloading the maps to your phone.
This will mean that you don’t need WiFi to play the game. You’ll save battery power and also cut down on your data usage by playing the game offline.
Remember these 6 secrets and use them to gain an advantage over everyone else playing Pokemon Go.

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4 Ways to Accelerate Your Fat Loss With Pokemon Go

Let’s face the facts. If you’re playing Pokemon Go, you’re going to be burning calories. There’s just no way around this. The game is designed in a way where you need to be active to make progress.
You need to constantly walk around looking for PokeStops to pick up potions, eggs, PokeBalls, etc. If you want to hatch an egg, you may need to walk a distance of 2 kilometers to even 8 kilometers depending on the egg’s requirement.
You’ll need to find Gyms to do battles in and that requires you to walk around too. There’s no escaping this. In fact, there are many cases of people having sore leg muscles from walking so much while playing Pokemon Go.
If you’re overweight or obese and you love this game, you will not even feel like you’re exercising because you so engrossed in finding wild Pokemon and PokeStops. Now is the best time for you to accelerate your fat loss with a few simple steps.

* In a fasted state
If you’re going to be playing Pokemon Go early in the day or on the weekends, do not consume any meals before you play. By walking around in a fasted state, your body will be forced to tap into its fat stores for fuel since it has low glycogen levels.
As long as you’re in a fasted state, your fat burning is accelerated. Do note that you should only be walking around in a fasted state for an hour and keep the pace moderate. After an hour, you can have a small meal.

* Run/jog instead of walking
Since you need to cover a certain distance, try to jog or run from point to point. Do not try to use a car and travel the distance just to game the system. Many people have tried it and the Pokemon Go system doesn’t really give them credit for distances that are travelled by covered by vehicle.
The higher the intensity, the more calories you’ll burn. In terms of the game, you’ll cover greater ground, find more Pokemon and PokeStops, pick up more useful items, find more Gyms to battle in to raise your experience points, etc.

* Carry a water bottle
Always stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Your body needs water to metabolize the fat and accelerate your fat loss. Do not wait till you get thirsty. By then it’ll be too late. You’ll be dehydrated. You don’t want to end up like a fainted Pokemon.

* Carry a backpack
If you really want to make your Pokemon Game more challenging, add a phone directory in a backpack and carry that around as you walk about looking for Pokemon creatures. With a water bottle in the bag too, this added weight will cause more resistance and you’ll require more effort to walk or run around.
Extra effort equals more work done… and that means more calories expended, which translates to more fat loss over time. Want to make it even more challenging? Wear ankle weights and walk around.
You won’t notice it because you’ll be so engrossed in the game. The game is the best distraction to the effort you’re actually putting in. On a normal day, if you’re training on a track, you’ll feel the weight with every step because your mind is not occupied by something as interesting or exciting as Pokemon Go.
Follow these 4 methods and after a month of playing Pokemon Go, you will be amazed at how much weight you’ve lost. This game has had more impact than any other fitness program in getting people to be active. This makes the Pokemon Go truly amazing.

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