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Variety of eBooks


Welcome to our  kids/tween/teen eBooks page, for fluent readers.  Here you will find several eBooks (mostly non-fiction) that are bundled together in one very low price!  This digital download includes..

Legends that every child should know.

Stories of inventors.

Volcanoes, wonders of creation.

The history of flight, articles on aircraft.

Articles on astronomy, from planets to zodiac symbols.

Dreams and their meanings.

The art of astrology

Fun with telescopes eBook and other articles

Now that's incredible eBook

Children's classics and other stories

Copycat and other inspiring stories.

Poems that inspire

Teen dating

RC cars

Book about flowers

Plus much more! All for $9.99, instant download after purchase.



A note to parents:  All of the eBooks included in this bundle have been carefully selected and age appropriate, to the best of our ability.

Although we did not read all eBooks or collection of articles included in this download, we did our best to glance over such material in hopes that it is all suitable for kids.