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Variety of eBooks


Welcome to our eBooks page.  Here you will find several kid friendly e-Books for children of all ages.

eBooks for kids volume one

A book of Funtastic games for kids to play

10 best board games (for fluent readers)

Alphabet picture book of words for toddlers

To God from Dogs

All for $3.99

Ebooks for kids, volume one

Here is a bundle of eBooks for kids, called the "classic collection".  For fluent readers.  This bundle includes, short stories, old and new.  Children's classics.  A study of Fairytales.  Andersen's fairy tales. Great value at only $4.99

Kids classic eBook collection


Here is a bundle of nonfiction reading for kids.  For fluent readers.

Legends that every child should know.

Stories of inventors.

Volcanoes, wonders of creation.

The history of flight, articles on aircraft.  Only $3.99

Ebook nonfiction collection




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