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Hobbies to sports

Here you will find eBooks to articles on some sports, karate and a variety of hobbies from stamp collecting to astrology, as well as other activities to read about. These products are for affluent readers. Although geared towards older children and teens, but also great content for parents too. 

Check out all of the products below that you get bundled together, in one low price of $9.99.  


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Nice bundle of karate info here.  Included in this bundle of e-books include "the ultimate karate bible" articles on martial arts and is a zipped folder with 20 video clips of martial arts moves, a mixture of kick boxing, tae kwon do and use of some training tools.  Below is an example.




Ice hockey articles, e-book & clipart images

 Golf Basics, Golf tips eBooks, and articles, 

Other eBooks in this bundle include, tennis, paintball, how to play guitar, piano, and many articles on astrology, astronomy, other sports and hobbies.  This bundle even comes with fishing articles and eBooks.  Also included are clip-art images of planets, stamp collecting articles and e-course.  Lots to read about in this bundle.